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I am a Director of Photography currently residing in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles. For years I have worked as a freelancer on a variety project types including features, documentaries and commercials. With an additional background in post production I have a very solid grasp of the technical workflow from start to finish as well as the color grading process. As a DP and operator I have experience with a variety of cameras ranging from the 5D to the Alexa. In addition to my technical knowledge, I always strive to act in the most courteous and professional manner possible while on set (and have a bit of fun too).

My goal is to create cinematography that is always visually informed by the content, finding appropriate yet unique ways to add style and texture to any narrative. Its important to approach each project with fresh eyes and build a visual approach from the ground up that will not just highlight the existing elements of story, character relationships and themes, but also expand upon the ideas that are more deeply rooted in the script.

Director of Photography

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University of Washington (Seattle, WA) B.A. Cinema Studies 2009

Film to Digital Transfer Course
Northwest Film Forum - Seattle WA (2011)

Motion Picture Orientation & WHMIS Training Course
VFS - Vancouver BC (October 2010)

​Motion Picture Safety Awareness Course Actsafe - Vancouver BC (October 2010)

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